Best Wedding Movies

Weddings are brimming with pageantry and joy, so it’s not surprising that movies about them are popular. Here are five wedding movies guaranteed to make you laugh, cry or both.

Bride Wars
When two best friends schedule their weddings on the same day, well, the war begins. This 2009 film starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway centers around two women, Emma Allen (Hathaway) and Olivia Lerner (Hudson) who decide they both want their weddings in the same location at the Plaza Hotel. The movie is full of all sorts of humorous pranks and comical encounters as the brides-to-be attempt to sabotage each other’s plans. Candice Bergen is superb in her role as one of New York’s most in-demand wedding planners.
Father of the Bride
Many people don’t realize this 1991 movie starring Steve Martin, Diane Keaton and Kimberly Williams-Paisley is a remake of a classic starring Spencer Tracy. Just about any father can relate to George Banks played by Martin, who gets nervous and unpredictable when he realizes his little girl is all grown up and about to become a bride. Martin Short as the foreign wedding planner is absolutely hilarious in his scenes.
My Best Friend’s Wedding
This 1997 romantic comedy stars Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Dermot Mulroney. Revolving around a theme of long lost love, Roberts’ character plans to entice a long-time friend into romance just a few days before the wedding. The soundtrack song I Say a Little Prayer (For You) was so memorable in the movie that it has become a sort of unofficial anthem sung and danced to at wedding receptions.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
What happens when a young Greek woman falls in love with a non-Greek man, and her family has difficulty accepting her choice? This 2002 comedy features a relatively unknown cast, including Nia Vardalos and John Corbett. The two most notable stars are Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan. The couple endures a wide range of trials and tribulations before they finally walk down the aisle. It ends up being a traditional wedding and there are lots of smiles to go around in the end.
The Wedding Singer
Adam Sandler is perfectly cast in this 1998 film about an energetic and entertaining New Jersey wedding singer. Engaged to be married, Robbie Hart, played by Sandler, meets a waitress, Julia Sullivan, played by Drew Barrymore, at a reception hall where he sings regularly. Julia is also engaged and after a series of debacles they finally end up together and get married in the final scene. Other stars in the movie include Kevin Nealon, Jon Lovitz and pop singer Billy Idol.
The next time you need a movie to get you out of the doldrums, try an uplifting wedding movie. They never let you down.


Essential Keys To Successful Personal Development Plans

 When it comes to helping yourself live the life that you have always wanted, you may wonder where to begin, as there are so many things to consider when trying to re-vamp your life for the better. The tips in this article can provide you with what you need to better your life.

If you slip along the way do not be too hard on yourself. Be gentle when making a mistake and understand that it does happen in life. Learn from the mistake that you make, if you have to write down the consequences and do not do it again. Get back on your bike and ride!

A great self improvement tip is to always live honestly. To be a truly great man or woman, you must have integrity. This also means you should live within your means. Do not spend more than you have. Being honest with yourself and with others will reap all kinds of benefits in the future.

Do not procrastinate. The longer you put something off, the less likely you are to actually do it. You will also begin to forget why you wanted to do it in the first place. Accomplishing tasks and learning new things will help you grow as a person, so don’t wait to get started on your projects.

Stop putting things off. If there is something you feel you need to accomplish in your lifetime, now is the time to start accomplishing it. Once you start putting something off, most people keep putting that something off. Never put off for tomorrow what you can do today. You will only regret not doing it later on in life.

Make sure that your goal is not just something that you logically think you want to attain. Make sure that your goal starts from your heart. By doing this, it will make the goal very desirable for you and therefore it will make it easier for you to work for it.

Listen to the inner you when it is trying to tell you something. If you take the time to listen, there are many things that your mind and your body are going to tell you that you should really hear. These could be things about health, mind or spirit and are all equally important to be heard.

Avoid negative news sources to improve your self improvement progress. A consistent positive attitude is vital for maintaining motivation and reaching your development goals. If a news source that you view regularly tends to spoil your mood, do your best to cut it out of your life. Check such news sources only when you absolutely must.

If you do not want to follow the herd, remember to ask questions. The fact is that many people accept the way the world is unquestionably, which can lead to a feeling of being unfulfilled. If you ask questions and take only the things of value that are offered to you, you’ll be more likely to internalize only beneficial ideas.

If you have a large, seemingly unattainable goal, break it down into smaller tasks. Taking on a huge goal all at once can quickly become overwhelming. Instead, break the goal down into as many small, simple tasks as possible. Then, focus on accomplishing each of those tasks. Before you know it, all of your small efforts will add up, allowing you to reach your larger goal.

When working toward a large personal development goal, it’s best to break up the goal into smaller goals that are easier to reach. For instance, if want to get organized you may find it helpful to focus on one area at a time. Start with your desk and when that space is clear set another goal. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. So, make your goals moderate and stay motivated.

Try your best to be someone you can respect. Never do anything you know you are going to hate yourself for doing. Really think about your actions. Think about what sort of impact they will have on you and your life before you carry through with them. Strive to accomplish things that will leave you proud of yourself.

As was outlined in this article, there are so many resources and options that you can make use of, based upon your needs, preferences and overall style. If you implement any combination of these tips and resources, you will be able to attain success in your self help quest. Good luck!